Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yes, yes, we know. It's been ages and ages since we've posted in this blog, but it's all because we're such a busy and productive family. It's NOT in ANY WAY because we're AT ALL lazy or...anything. ;) So in the months that have passed, here are some things that have happened:

First of all, sadly, our great dog Torben had to be put to sleep. He was wonderful and great with the kids, Patsy, and Bella but he had health problems, and in the end, at age 13, we thought it was best. We miss him a lot.

The kids all started school and Brinnley was immediately very busy with colorguard, performing in showcases, parades, and competitions. Kelsey started FFA, and bought two rats for an FFA project. They were supposed to breed, but they turned out to be both females. Then one spontaneously (it seemed) had babies anyway. That's how we ended up with ten rats. (Now we are down to 4--2 girls, 2 boys.) Haley started the sixth grade, and Cade started the third grade, both at Mission Valley Elementary.

Birthday's: Ken's on September 20th and Cade's on October 17th. (UpComing: Brinn's on December 29th). For Cade's birthday the family went to the Fresno Fair and then John's Incredible Pizza, which was a fun day.
Christmas was a fun day for our family. Our tradition is to wake up and open our stockings, then eat breakfast (mini quiche and danishes). After that we open presents and then try to figure out how they all work. This year, after the opening of presents and napping of parents, we went to our friends, the Yentes's, house for dinner and mild chaos. So, as you can see, or house is no less wild and crazy then it has been, but I suppose that's to be expected. Santa brought us Rock Band 2 and so the children are nowhere to be seen (unless you happen to be near the Wii.) We are planning a quick trip to LA (with our cub scout friends) and then on to Las Vegas for some family time. Brinn and Mom are looking forward to a side trip to "the Alley" the garment district of LA to spend some time and money for Brinn's birthday.

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